Our Team

Gordon Chatry, CHA, Principal 

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Gordon Chatry, our CEO and Founder of Inntimate Inns. Offering our clients over 30 years’ hotel, resort and restaurant experience, Gordon Chatry, is the leader of the team and the ‘go to’ resource for all things hotel related. Gordon’s responsibilities include operations of the organization, client relations, and project supervision.

He has been personally involved with all aspects of hotel operations and brings to our clients extensive experience opening new properties, repositioning hotels, conversions that transition ownership and during all phases of selling properties.

Gordon is our Team Leader and will be the first one into a property to assess the needs of the property, identify the crucial first steps and establish help required from the other team members. He will coordinate all efforts and work closely with the on-site management and/or owners to improve the operations for maximizing revenues and profitability.


Morgan Chatry, Licensed Property Manager, Vice President, Product Development & Operations 

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Hoteliers have a unique view of what it means to provide a quality hospitality experience. It doesn’t just happen, and in fact it begins long before the customers walk in the door. Through his 10+ years of working for Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Morgan has learned how to create the perfect hospitality experience. He knows that attention to detail is essential for a property to be successful. 

Morgan joined the Inntimate Inns team in 2011. He is often on the front line overseeing operations and ensuring that transitions are flowing smoothly. He works first hand with employees and managers to get everyone on board with a viable long-term plan.

To complement his hotel experience, Morgan has recently completed the Property Management program at the University of British Columbia. His strong communication skills and high degree of professionalism put owners and managers at ease and are a great addition to the Inntimate Inns team.


Pamela Chatry, Business and Human Resource Specialist 

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Pamela Chatry, CACE, is Vice-President of Inntimate Inns Ltd. She was named Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year, and is a trusted advisor to multi-million dollar businesses across North America through her work with the Gemini Effect Program. Pamela is an experienced educator through countless continuing education courses, workshops, and self-employment programs. She is an enthusiastic globe trotter and lover of all things hospitality.




Megan Stacey, Marketing and Communications 

Megan Stacey

Megan Stacey, BAAC, manages all things marketing for Inntimate Inns including our website and social media. An highly skilled copywriter and graphic designer, Megan's strengths are in the "logistics" of bringing Inntimate Inns's vision to life.

Megan earned her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Communications in 2006 and has two Business Administration Diplomas in Marketing and Business Information Systems and General Management. An entrepreneur at heart, she enjoys taking on new projects for the company.



Joe Striegan, Interim Manager  

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Joe completed his formal education in Germany where he trained as an accountant. Over the years he continued on a path of continuous education and training to move into the hotel business in 1982. From then, Joe simultaneously worked in the hotel industry for the next eight years while practicing as an accountant in Canada.

Throughout his career, Joe has owned a hotel property and worked with major international hotel brands and numerous independent properties. Joe's strength is in advancing the financial and operational health of small to medium-sized properties. 

David Wetsch, Development  

David is a recognized hotel executive with over 35 years of senior and executive management experience in the hospitality industry.

Enjoying a long career with Atlific Hotels & Resorts, David rose through the ranks, starting as a PBX operator, successful department head and General Manager, Vice President (Operations and Development), and finally Chief Operating Officer, where he oversaw the hotel operations for 22 properties, across Canada.

Subsequent to his career with Atlific, David became Vice President Development and Operations for AFM Hospitality Corporation.

In 2011, David was elected President of the British Columbia Hotel Association, a hotel industry leader, David completed his term on the BCHA Board of Directors, as Past-President in November 2015.

In addition, David has held Board positions with the Hotel Association of Vancouver, the Vancouver Hotel Destination Association (DMF Trustee), and is currently on the Board of the Vancouver Skal Club.


Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford, BC


David Macdonald“Campbell Saunders was appointed as a Court appointed Receiver over the Super 8 hotel in Abbotsford, BC.  The property required a solid hospitality management team on short notice.  We choose Inntimate Inns to manage the property with a goal of improving operations during an active sale and marketing process. Gordon and his team exceeded all our expectations, including their services after the sale transitioning the property to new owners. Furthermore, we feel their improvements to operations and the bottom line significantly increased the final sale price of the property.  If you are working with a distressed or underperforming property, we recommend Inntimate Inns as a management company who can turn things around”.

~ David Macdonald, Senior Manager, Campbell, Saunders Ltd.