Distressed Properties

Inntimate Inns works closely with bankruptcy professionals, banks and finance companies to improve the operating results of properties in distress or, when required, to take over operations of financially distressed properties and prepare them for sale.  After an initial assessment, Inntimate Inns will provide a report on the state of the property including operationally, from a sales/marketing perspective and an evaluation of the management and staff.  An operation and capital budget is developed and system put in place to control the revenues and costs.

Depending on the property, we may work with current management or bring in our own for an interim period of time. This process strives to be short-term and, in most cases lasts 3 to 6 months.

The goal is to increase profitability by improving day-to-day operations and help the owner move the property to a profitable level or prepare the property for sale at the highest price possible.

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Plains Motel, Brooks, AB 

Brooks, Alberta


"Thank you, Gordon!  Your team at Inntimate Inns was amazing. From helping us lay out a transition strategy, then implementing new business systems and recruiting new management to get us back on our feet, you have really turned our business around. Our staff are much happier, our new managers are exceptional, our finances are healthy and the future looks great. Thank you!"

Kristen Jordan
Plains Motel (Brooks) Ltd